Brushed Aluminum - Small
Brushed Aluminum - Medium "Queen City Misfits" - CLT Cutouts Baltic Birch Wood - Medium "Queen City Misfits" - CLT Cutouts Brushed Aluminum - Small "Queen City Misfits" - CLT Cutouts White Aluminum - Small Baltic Birch Wood - Small "Queen City Misfits" - CLT Cutouts
$ 54.99

Charlotte, NC (Queen City) Craft Beer Signs

Custom designed and originally hand painted by Artist, Brian Egger. The original painting is done on a custom canvas made from a full ½" thick sheet of plywood that is intricately hand cut out in the shape of the state by Artist/Craftsman, Aj Selapack. Once the freshly cut, beveled, sanded, and primed state is completed, it is then hand painted with many of your favorite craft breweries colorfully collaged all over the sign (we try our best to place the breweries regionally where they are from, but sometimes the beauty of art takes over)!  Finally, the original piece is photographed and sent to the printers where each UNIQUE craft beer sign is created.

All signs are available as 3D cut outs on either: 3mm dibond brushed aluminum and 1/2" Baltic birch wood.