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West Virginia: West Beer God Virginia 3D Craft Beer Map

Cheers, friends! The West Virginia 3D Craft Beer Map is now available!

West Virginia

West Beer God Virginia

The first craft breweries in the state of West Virginia began opening in 1991, once the state approved a law allowing the operation of brewpubs to sell beer on-site. Before that, a brewery was allowed to brew and package their beer but could only sell its production to wholesale distributors. The brewpub was a new concept that allowed a small brewery to make beer and sell it by the glass to customers in it’s own tap house.


Brewpubs were also allowed to self-distribute their extra beer to other retail outlets without going through a beer distributor. That was a much more profitable business model for a small, start-up brewery. Other states had been having success with this model, and in West Virginia, it was that law that kicked off the current wave of small breweries we have today.


No brewery in West Virginia has brought home a GABF medal. Though the BA’s stats of 16 breweries in the state at the end of 2016 seemed misrepresented. In 2018, the state guild accounts for 23 of the 26 now said to be in operation, are fully licensed – quite a bit of growth over two years! With this trend, we can expect many more breweries & great beers to come from the Mountain State!

Find these craft-tastic breweries on the West Virginia 3D Craft Beer Map:

Big Timber Brewing

Morgantown Brewing

Stumptown Ales

Greenbrier Valley Brewing

Mountain State Brewing

Dobra Zupas

Chestnut Brew Works

Bridge Brew Works

Weathered Ground Brewery

Wheeling Brewing Co

Berkeley Springs Brewing

Abolitionist Ale Works

Short Story Brewing

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