Free Craft Beer Apps You Need to Download Stat!

Alright, it’s time to take your craft beer drinking to the next level. If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly discussing your favorite brews with friends and hunting down the next best pint. And of course, since there seems to be an app for everything these days, you can keep track of all things craft beer with these stand out apps.



Think of this app like the ultimate social media platform for craft beer lovers. Connect with friends, see what they’re drinking (and where!), rate your favorite pints, and even discover new brews.

Over time, the app learns your tastes and makes eerily accurate recommendations for beers you’ll like based on your ratings. Untappd features badges, which you can unlock by expanding your palate and trying out new beers.  

Check in with the beers you’re drinking and friends can toast your post and leave comments.

Next Glass

This popular drinking app uses science and machine learning software to predict how much a user will like a particular beer or wine. And they’ve actually recently joined forces with Untappd to bring drinking, sharing, socializing, and learning all things beer to the next level.

Basically, this app will tell you if you’ll like a beer or wine before you buy it. Based on your ratings, the app builds a taste profile for you and recommends beers and wine it knows you’ll like!

Brewery Passport

Find local breweries no matter what city or state your in. If you travel often, whether for work or for pleasure, you can always find awesome local brews. Stamp your passport with each brewery you visit and keep track of which brews you loved the most. It’ll even help you find local beer events.

This app would make the perfect partner as you work your way through all the breweries on one of our state 3D craft beer maps!

Tap Hunter

If finding your favorite craft beer on tap has proven to be a bit difficult, this app is for you. Get alerts when your favorite beer gets tapped at bars and restaurants near you.

Now, this app’s effectiveness relies on the participation of the bars and restaurants around you, so make sure they’re aware of the app and playing along!  

Like the other craft beer apps, you can also access local hot spot menus, keep track of what you’re drinking, and review the craft beers you try.  

We happen to be fellow craft beer enthusiasts, and we’ve created these pretty awesome 3D Craft Beer Maps that we think you’ll love. Grab one for yourself and start your own brewery challenge that you can share across these awesome craft beer apps!

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